If you can lead a healthy lifestyle, your home can too…

“If I see it in nature, I know it will work in a home”.

Hello Readers..!!

What according to you is a healthy lifestyle..?

Well according to me a healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people's health and well-being. Nowadays most of us know that we should avoid smoking, make healthy decisions for a balanced lifestyle, and change our schedule to incorporate more physical exercise. Now that we understood the basics, the emphasis is turning towards keeping our homes as safe as our indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

Keeping this in mind let us now jump into the topic of today i.e. “If you can lead a healthy lifestyle, your home can too”. First, let us understand the meaning of a healthy home,

A healthy home - is a kind of housing that is designed, constructed, maintained, and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health. Here are some tips to create your healthy home,

Bring nature inside - An awesome way of doing this would be growing and maintaining houseplants. Houseplants help in bringing a positive and healthier vibe around your home and are also very helpful when the weather outside is very harsh. Plants have the ability to absorb the toxins inside your home.

Ventilation - Make sure you have enough ventilation around the house by letting the sunshine inside your home and also by opening the doors and windows to let the fresh air enter in.

Opt for healthier furniture - You can replace the traditional furniture with solid wood furniture or any other variants which are less toxic in nature.

Small space furniture - Small space furniture is compact in design, size and can be fit into small spaces at your home. We at Yellowliving offer customized furniture as per your needs so that it can fit in the smaller spaces of your home.

By now since you all have an idea about, creating your healthy home, We will now try and connect the dots between a healthy home and healthy furniture,

Eco-friendly furniture - Yes you read that right eco friendly furniture like your sofa, sofa bed will still look and feel the same as your traditional furniture but will contain parts that produce less toxins in your home.

Easy to move - Have you all heard of sliders, if yes then these could be life saving alternatives for your sofa set, recliner to facilitate easy moving around the houses and also protect your’s and children’s toes from being hit by the huge legs of the sofa.

Size and weight - If you are a person who prioritizes safety, then we suggest having a comparison of the size ranges of our sofa set online to ensure that you are aware of what you're gonna buy for your home.

Liking towards craftsmanship - If you are a person who admires the craftsmanship in furniture please do look out for our variants in recliners and sofa which are made with a lot of effort by our craftsmen to suit your needs.

Style and functionality - If you are a person who has got a pull towards style and functionality of the furniture you would like to buy, don’t pull back as we have the right amount of designer sofa, modern sofa, leather sofa to suit your style quotient.

We at Yellowliving, strongly believe in customers needs and design furnitures as per their needs to maintain a good relationship.

YellowLiving has come up with different and a variety of custom made furnitures which are directly from the manufacturers! Some of the major furnitures we are popular for are Double recliners, Recliner Couch, Leather recliner sofas, Recliner sofa chair, Popular & cheap recliner sofa, We are also into Leather furnitures, Sofa set, sofa furnitures, Designer sofa, Modern sofa, Leather sofa, you can look for sofa set online in your google search bar! Make sure you visit these and shop with us..

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