The Retro look for the retro lover in you..

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Hello Readers…!!

Are you a person who loves the retro/vintage looks and feel of things around you..?

Are you a person who craves for retro ideas in this modern world of technology and fashion?

Did we mention Retro…? Yes we did, We at Yellowliving have the same love and appeal towards the term retro just like you all. Let us start by making you understand what do you mean by retro..?

Retro - is an imitative or consciously derivative of lifestyles, trends, or art forms from the historical past, including in music, modes, fashions, or attitudes. It may also be known as "vintage inspired".Inspired by the pristine lines and jazzy colours from the 50s, 60s, 70s. The retro style can be as colorful and as conservative you like. Combine vintage sofas and contemporary accessories to complete the unique 21st Century look.

Here are some tips from our side to get your desired retro look into your home.

Choice of Colour - Depending on your existing colour combination in your living room, there are loads of varieties in adding more colour. For the living room you can use bright, jazzy colours to highlight and also contrast some parts. If you are a fan of jazzy wallpapers, then the classic 70’s pattern should do the trick when u dont hide them with your sofa or sofa bed.

Conservatism and Modernism - To successfully achieve a 70’s twist in design, it's critical to keep it simple and conservative with few integrated colour accents. Retro and vintage are without a doubt been heard over decades that it’s no coincidence that many designs of sofa set and sofa bed have an inclination towards it.

Accessorizing is the Key - When you desire to get the retro look around your home you need to make sure if you have the right accessories that complement the desire. While a centerpiece sofa set or sofa bed sets the design the right accessories finish up the look. As additional eyecatchers, you can even add vintage patterns to the cushions.

Accessories are like the icing on the cake, without which the cake is incomplete.

Complement the retro look you have at home with accessories from the 70’s / 80’s to finish up the splendid view of your home makeover.

By these tips we would like to sum up by saying that it’s good to know that we are not yet living in the 70’s anymore. You need not necessarily replicate your kitchen and dining room as per 1970’s. But what you could do is get in accessories that will still give the feel of 70’s at home. With fragile curves and classic styling these retro/ vintage influenced sofa or sofa bed bring out a unique look to most of the modern homes in the world today.

We at Yellowliving admire the retro looks and designs as much as you do as we help you in achieving your desires by customizing your orders as per your desires and needs. We prioritize customer relations always irrespective of it being either the direct customers or business customers. We provide a lot of varieties like sofa set, leather sofa, designer sofa, modern sofa set. We even provide Recliner like double recliner, recliner couch, leather recliner sofa, power recliner sofa, recliner sofa chair and also cheap recliner sofa. Do get in touch with us to gain more insights with respect to retro style customizations by searching us on google search bar using the phrase sofa set online. Looking forward to serving you…

Thanks for reading...

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