How to Order Sofa Set Online in Bangalore?


  • How to Order my Customized Sofa Set?

    We Deliver All Over India.
    You can Order your customized Sofa Online by Adding your desired choice to the Cart and Clicking on the checkout button, Please provide the Delivery and Billing Address and Proceed to the Preferred Payment option to complete your Order. In Case you come across any issues you can give our team a call on (+91) 8151025028 Or Submit the form below.

  • Payment Options at

    We accept Cash on Delivery and Online Payments. In Case of Cash on Delivery, we need 50% Advance to Accept your order. 50 % Advance payment can be paid to us through Bank Transfer within 3 days of placing your order online, Once your Sofa is ready Balance of 50% should be paid Cash on Delivery or Paid in Advance through Bank Transfer Before Delivery. Online Payment are 100% Advance and we may Offer additional Discounts on product to product basis.
    In Case you come across any issues you can give our team a call on (+91) 8151025028 Or Submit the form below.

  • Sofa Set Variants

    All Sofa Sets online Can be customized as a 4,3,2 and 1 Seater Arm Chair or an L Shaped Sofa. They Can be Bought Individually or as a Set. E.g 4+1+1, 3+1+1, L Shaped+1+1 etc.
    Please get in Touch with us if you have any Queries on the Variants

  • What is the Delivery Time?

    Delivery Time is 3 - 4 Weeks, In Case you need it earlier you can get in touch with us on  (+91) 8151025028
    Delivery is Free in Bangalore. Once we start your Order Please visit the factory to check the progress on your Customized Sofa Set and we will be very Happy to Host you and Answer all your Queries and Doubts.

  • Can We Cancel the Order?

    Any exchange or cancellations on a custom-made sofa will not be accepted after 3 days of Order Confirmation and Payment. Orders placed for the same will not be refunded.

Care and Instructions

  1. Cleaning Technique Wipe off the dirt from the furniture with a soft cotton cloth. Also, avoid using the excess water for cleaning, take the moistened cloth to wipe off the dirt.
  2. Avoid Chemicals Avoid chemical contact with the furniture as it may harm the natural finish and further the durability. Also, make sure to avoid the application of polyurethane paints on the furniture.
  3. Scratch & Burn Remedy Scratches, burns, residue and any other surface damage can be taken off with a fine-grit sandpaper. Reapply mineral oil after sanding.